Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 titles of movies

I always have the motivation and words when it comes to stating my wishes, and frustrations. This year's experiences are all relevant to me. Career wise. It is because was able to conquer a mad manager, surpass adjustments and the promotion to a higher position.

My 3 Movie titles for 2011:

The Mad Manager
I am now free from this type of manager who always sees my mistakes and is over compulsive. Finally! Being free from her is the best experience from this year :) haha

The HR Specialist
From Administrative Assistant turned to HR Specialist for Recruitment and Training. I still have a lot to learn though.

The Adjustment Bureau
A year full of adjustments made my year stressful, exciting and fun. Though problems are always and forever present, I am still happy I'm still standing. People will bring me down, but I will not let them succeed. They can only be disappointed with me forever.

I have a lot of joys and sorrows for 2011 and I'll keep moving. 2012, bring it on.

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